The Performance of State Labor Governments

The Performance of State Labor Governments, released today, analyses the performance of recent state Labor governments drawing upon publicly available data from independent, objective sources.

In this comparison, clear patterns emerge.

Across Australia, state Labor governments have consistently:

spent more than they earned
imposed higher taxes and charges
increased state debt and other liabilities, such as unfunded superannuation
increased the number of state public sector employees, especially those in backroom administration, much faster than populations have grown
spent revenue windfalls rather than saved them
failed to build the infrastructure their citizens and businesses need; and
failed to achieve significantly improved health and education outcomes despite spending much more money in these areas.
Coalition governments at both state and federal level have a long history of cleaning up a mess Labor governments have left behind.

Download The Performance of State Labor Governments and source documents here.

Read the opinion piece by Chairman Tom Harley from today’s Australian Financial Review here.

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